About Us

Raising Up Dads is a men’s program based in Decatur, Illinois. The goal of Raising Up Dads is through education and support to raise men up to be better fathers.

Raising Up Dads uses a multi-modal approach which emphasizes a range of overlapping services. Each service is designed to be maintainable as its own separate client support system. But, the services are greatly strengthened when used in combination with each other. The services of Raising Up Dads range from most community-based to most individual based. Services include: Web resources, Healthy Parenting, Strategy Sessions, Magis de Deo Spiritual Formation, SAWE Mentoring.

The content posted on RaisingUpDads.com and related social media accounts (Facebook, Reddit, and Twitter) is primarily generated by myself, John Power, with occasional guest posts by those with related expertise. See my LinkedIn profile for information about my educational and work background.

Feel free to follow my progress at RaisingUpDads.com or on Facebook and Twitter (both @raisingupdads). Constructive feedback is welcome.

You are welcome to share the resources and content published on this site. I only request you share them in their entirety at no cost and properly credit Raising Up Dads as the source and copyright holder.