Downtime Scroll 9/01

Downtime Scroll

(A regular feature highlighting what’s going on in the world related to fatherhood)

Timely articals about fatherhood for your downtime -

  • Millennial Men Aren’t the Dads They Thought They’d Be – “Millennial men have the least traditional notions about gender roles of any generation or time period…” Yet according to research cited in this New York Times article, millennial men struggle to follow through on these notions when “faced with a lack of family-friendly [work] polices” as “most fell back on traditional roles.” – What difficulties have you faced (or expecting to face) in the workplace now that you’re a father? Have you found any creative solutions to balancing work and family? Feel free to share your thoughts below.

  • Fatherhood, business ventures molding Harvick into better man – “It’s been good just for the fact it’s added a good balance to my life,” Harvick said of being a father. “It allows me to let go of things a lot quicker than I used to just for the fact that I have something else to do, other than racing, at home. In the end, he doesn’t really care if I won or lost.” – Great quote by Kevin Harvick regarding the change fatherhood can potentially bring about in men and the perspectives that children bring into focus.
  • Why this is the end of the dumb dad era – “A generation of women had been spending eight hours (at least) at the office, followed by a “second shift” of housework that amounts to an estimated extra month of work per year. When Mom finally did manage to collapse in front of the tube, the networks gave her a parade of hapless dimwits stumbling around ordinary household chores, seemingly incapable of lifting a spatula, running a dishwasher or tying a bow.” – When it comes to fatherhood, few things annoy me more than the “dumb dad” stereotype. Challenge yourself to be better than the stereotype.

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