Welcome to Raising Up Dads!

Being a father has been one of the most rewarding and difficult experiences of my life.

Kids are tough. You can give them the world and they’ll ask for the stars. They start out knowing nothing and quickly think they know everything. There’s little that’s more heartbreaking than seeing your kid hurting because they’ve started to realize the world isn’t as nice as they thought it was.

But, in spite of the inevitable stress, frustration, and disappointment, staying an active participant in your kid’s life is so worth it. I love it when I see my kids’ faces light up when I walk in the door, I love hearing my kids’ laughter as they try to tackle me and I even love being one of the people they come to when they’re hurting (though, admittedly, their mom is much more empathetic in those times.)

Here at Raising Up Dads, we love being dads and having such active roles in the lives of our children. We feel the bar of expectations is too low for dads. Merely being present is not good enough.

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